“ Build a better future while creating innovative change ”

Who We Are ?

EXECUTIVE ADVISORS is a global firm in consulting and specialized in change management.

Our team is composed of the best and the most diverse profiles who work and complete each other. Hence they have several international experiences in our business area.

Their rich background is supported by their academic experiences, degrees and certificates. They're graduated from the best business schools like HEC Montréal and the most prestigious universities worldwide like MIT Boston.

Our consulting missions cover a wide area of activities like innovation, business model definition and a large variety of subjects that bring us to a common point: the change management that has become the key driver to long term success.

Indeed, we combine a strategic reflexion to a clear practice while providing our clients with the best of our expertise and the highest value.

Our Position

"Generalist by vocation, specialist by conviction"

No matter what company or industry you pursue, you'll need to learn how to be adaptable.Your mindset above all else and our services will have a major impact on whether you succeed.

Executive Advisors give you the promise to reach your goals while using your full potential.

Our mission :

With the tremendous and wild digital change that the world knows, the change management has become a top priority for any company aiming to grow and stay competitive. Indeed, change has become a driving part for success, awareness and competitivity.

Our promise is the reflection of our ambition which is the development of a unique approach to counseling where transformation and change are not a need but an obligation.

Finally, a meticulously planned and executed change in the company provides spectacular outcomes in innovative and efficient practices development.

Our main missions

  • We help our clients with the multiple needs of evolution.
  • We support businesses in their organizational and technical mutation.
  • Leadership and mentoring : we inspire and federate people to act and face the challenges of major innovations.
  • Training inspiring leaders in order to build a solid relationship based on trust with their teams.
  • Solving and managing crisis communication. 
  • Marketing mix solving and establishment of product /service .
  • International trade communication.

Our Human values

Humility :

We are hardly working for our clients and we always intervene with wisdom and simplicity.

Honesty :

Our work vision and ethic give us the obligation to say the truth about our clients issues in order to be focused and commited to meet the needs.

Team Building :

We strongly believe that associates motivated by a collective spirit are the most committed and efficient team members.

Your benefits

  • Acquire the knowledge and the right tools to develop the existing skills.
  • Staying agile and flexible.
  • Innovation and empowerment.
  • Positive economic outcome and growth.
  • Anchoring and valuing human capital.
  • Reduce the time needed to implement change.
  • Anticipating risks and uncertaintity in particular business environment.
  • Minimize resistance o technical and psychological change within the company.

Our strenghts

Agility :

This ability reveals a certain intellectual awareness. Agility allows us to solve any complex business problem.

Adaptability :

We intervene within our clients corporations according to their own models and thanks to our adaptability, we successfully steer the change and realize the projects.

Commitment :

As a consulting firm. Our challenge is your success. The performance is a consequence .Our commitment is our work basis.